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Hand crafted with love and good energy. Formulated by Brieyonna Robinson, shipped from Los Angeles Calfornia. 


All ingredients 100% natural and organic. Only the best ingredients for your yoni, enjoy! You deserve it.



Rosemary, mugwort, yarrow, patridge berry, dandelion, dong qui, marshmellow. basil, witch hazel, motherwort, lavender, oregano, calendula, rose petals, red rasperry, chamomile.


Do not ingest.

Yoni Steam

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  • 1. Pour satchel contents into a glass bowl.

    2. Add boiling water.

    3. Get into child's pose yoga position over bowl. Wrap towel or blanket around your waist to trap the steam. You can also place the glass bowl in the toilet and sit over it.

    4. Yoni steam for 30-45 minutes.

  • For centuries women have used the medicinal properties of steams to stimulate, nourish, and cleanse the yoni. It is not a replacement for medicine, simply an herbal supplement. 

    Benefits include:

    -easing menstrual cramps and bloating

    -heals after birth

    -enhances fertility

    -maintains a healthy odor

    -strenghtens and tightens vaginal walls

    -heals ovarian cysts and hemorrhoids

    -reduce stress and depression

    -regulate hormone inbalance

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